Pastor Peder Lerseth

Pastor Peder Lerseth is a bible based pastor. His heart holds great compassion and sincere care for the church as well as the community he serves. He has recently become the leader of this body of believers and has in a short amount of time produced outreach programs for the community such as, multi-cultural ministry, family ministry, NABHRS housing repair ad services, senior Assistance and support groups for those in need. Also he sits on many boards in the community. Pastor Lerseth visits the shut-ins. He marries those in love. He takes time for the simple things in our days with each of us. He knows his flock well and has not a thought of condemnation. But out of all these attributes, the one that shines the brightest is his love of the Lord. His service is never tiring. Don't believe me, come and see...

Our Pastor

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